We don’t sell on the internet - but we do use it a lot - to make sure that our  
                           prices are VERY COMPETITIVE.
Pet Save Country Store
Steeple Road, Mayland, Essex
We wanted to try our own version of ‘Click & Collect’.

We stock over 4000 different lines, so we are just trying a few at the moment

           We don’t want to take payments online on the ‘click’ part
          so payment only happens on the ’collect’ part, in the shop.

Hence the ‘Cash on Delivery’ only option, using cash or cards in the shop.

It means that you can order an item, we will pick it ready for collection,
but you can change your mind, change the item, add other accessories
or foods when you get here. It’s not a commitment, just a convenience.

    So we are calling it Click & Mix, not Click & collect!

We will keep any items ordered  for two days and then empty the ‘trolley’.

Initially we are only offering larger accessories - hutches, runs crates etc.

                        Just to see what happens
Check it out - click the ‘Shopping’ button at the top of the page, for the drop down
list of shopping pages OR click the basket to go to the first page then use the
Navigation bar.
Hutches & Runs
If you want to send the order form in, you have to fill in details. All we need is a name
and email, (no unwanted follow up, just an acknowledgement from the shopping portal).
For address and phone number, you can just put anything in the form, ie. Just a few
letters and numbers. We don’t need an address or phone number.
The trolley is not processed on our web site and any confirmation emails are sent
automatically by the Shopping Portal.